Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photo of the week

Calvin Coolidge with dogs Rob Roy and Tiny Tim on the porch of his home at 21 Massasoit Street in Northampton, Mass. Photo by Eric Stahlberg.


Anonymous said...

That's one of my favorite photos of Coolidge!

cranky1872 said...

What is the date of that photo?
CC writes of the death of the other white collie, Prudence Prim, in SD. pgs 221 - 222 Autobiography.
He also writes of Rob Roy's demise: "I know he would bark for joy as the grim boatman ferried him across the dark waters of the Styx, yet his going left me lonely on the hither shore."

Rob was barking with the Choir Celestial in 1930.

Who is that dog?

In the 80s when I was in South Dakota there were yet dogs around that traced their line back to the President's dog and the summer of 1927.

Anonymous said...

Thats is a very nice picture. You all may think this fact is cool too...I inherited Eric Stahlberg's Zeiss medium format camera, from my grandfather Paul Stahlberg.

That picture is well known among my family. Erich much have liked that picture too.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! I have owned 2 Chows and Tiny Tim looks like such a good dog, and Rob Roy too!

SteelMountain said...

I remember seeing this picture at my grandparents house when I was a little kid,it didnt mean anything to me then. Only until I came across many of Erics pictures for Smith College as well as other pictures too. I would love to have a photo of of his working Camera.(Zeiss medium format folding camera)I met Paul a few times when I was younger.
His Brother was Eric Stahlberg Jr.
Hope to hear from you someday.

justin said...

that's not "Lady"...look between the dogs legs. It's Prudence Prim. They President bought him from my Great Grandfather and Grandmother, who operated Shomont White Collies, out of Monticello Iowa.

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum said...

This photo was taken by Northampton Photographer Eric Stahlberg. The photos in the library are labeled "retirement." Coolidge returned to 21 Massasoit Street March 1929 and moved to the Beeches May 1930.
We know that Prudence Prim died Summer 1927 in Black Hills, SD and Rob Roy died in September 1928 in D.C. Rob Roy had come from Island White Kennels in Oshkosh, WI. Based on this, in our collections database, we have this labeled as Rob Roy with a date of [1923-1928].