Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This sticker and slogan was used during the 1924 Presidential campaign.

This artifact is a great representation for the heat wave sweeping most of the nation this week. Today in Northampton, MA it is 97 degrees with over 50% humidity (feels like 101).

The Forbes Library's AC is running beautifully so if you don't have AC at home, it is a great time to come in and cool down while reading some Coolidge materials!

The changes in New England weather are hard for any HVAC system to keep up with and I am happy to report that the Coolidge collections are happily residing at about 68-70 degrees with just under 40% humidity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Exhibit in Plymouth Notch

Check out the Summer Exhibit at Plymouth Notch, Vermont!
CCPLM has loaned a Northampton ballot box, 3 badges and 1 ticket from the 1924 convention and some reproduction photographs to this exhibit.

Campaign Fever '24! The 1924 presidential campaign is considered to be the first modern election; it is also one of the most unusual in American history. With little active participation on the part of the President, the Coolidge-Dawes ticket overwhelmed the competition and achieved the largest plurality until that time. This exhibition examines the "Keep Cool-idge" phenomenon and the competition's efforts to unseat this popular, but enigmatic Yankee politician. May 24 - October 19. Located at the Coolidge Visitor Center Museum, President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, Plymouth Notch, VT. The exhibition features objects from the site's permanent collection, as well as rare campaign memorabilia and images from private and public collections including the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum.
For more information see http://www.historicvermont.org/coolidge/